Antique Home Decor in Portland

When it comes to antique home decor in Portland, Oregon, everyone has different tastes and budgets. With the proper help, you can easily stay within your small or large budget, and get that high style that you desire for your home. Monticello Antique Marketplace, located in the charming Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, has all the tools and knowledge to aid you in your decorating pursuits. We have a wide array of styles, textures, sizes, colors, and designs to fit with any style of room.

At Monticello Antique Marketplace, we take pride in the variety and uniqueness of our antique pieces displayed on our 20,000 square foot showroom floor. We are commonly asked, “what makes you different from the typical antique malls?” We are delighted to have over 100 passionate dealers constantly rotating our inventory. With this style and variety, we have become a popular and reliable destination for homeowners and interior decorating specialists alike.

Are you searching for that big centerpiece armoire or dining room table? Or perhaps you’re looking for a chic vintage couch providing the perfect space for entertaining guests? All are welcome, so please feel free to peruse Monticello Antique Marketplace’s wares. You will not be disappointed with our unique stock, so come visit us to find your perfect antique decor Portland homeowners would be proud of!