Monticello Antique Marketplace is brimming with holiday spirit.  From the moment you walk in you’re surrounded by beautiful displays, ambiance and inspiration.  An added bonus is our Vintage Christmas Show in the salvage garden. Come in and get inspired for the holidays.  We’re open everyday at 10:00.

8600 SE Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97216

503 256-8600

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The Monticello Antique Marketplace is far more than just a normal antique mall. We have an ever-changing inventory brought to you by over 100 antique dealers. For vintage furniture, Portland Oregon homeowners and interior design specialists consider our 20,000 square foot showroom the go-to destination, as well as the perfect spot for other vintage treasures that cannot be found anywhere else. If you are interested in finding unique pieces to enhance your home’s decor, look no further than our antique shop in Portland, Oregon. You can expect to find that every one of our antique dealers have filled their space with something special and unique. There will be a piece here that suits your needs and will garner compliments from family members, guests, and strangers. Do yourself a favor and spend the day perusing the wares of our antique shop. Stop by today to find all the hidden gems in every nook and cranny!

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